Working together

Interested in working with me on a custom website? Great! Learn more about my typical process, pricing, and how long things take.

Step One


The best websites start with a rock-solid plan. The discovery process is a series of structured conversations where we'll explore and define the most important aspects of your new website.


We'll take an in-depth look at your business: where you are now, your goals for the future, who your clients are and why they choose you. This is an important step, ensuring the work we do together drives a great return on your investment.

Structure + content

Together we'll define the structure of your new site – what sections and pages it has, what type of content it displays, and how it's organised. Most importantly, we'll make sure this supports your positioning and appeals to your ideal clients.

Design inspiration

We'll discuss how your site should look, feel and behave – with a focus on what will resonate with your clients. We'll create a visual moodboard to help inform the design process, making sure everyone's input is carefully considered.

Website blueprint

We’ll create a detailed blueprint for your new website: what it will contain, how it will work and how we’ll aproach the design. A solid foundation that everyone can get behind, as well as a fixed quote and timeline for the rest of the project.

Basically, I'll pour all of my experience and knowledge into planning your most successful portfolio website ever.

The discovery process costs £600 and usually takes around a week

I'll ask the right questions to spark discussions that get to the heart of your business – my goal is to create a site that brings you success, not just another superficial re-design.

Step Two

Design + development

Next comes the fun part! I'll take the blueprint we created during the discovery stage and turn it into an amazing new website for your business.


I'll create mockups for the key parts of your new site to define the overall look and feel, how to present your work and how your visitors will interact with it.

You'll have plenty of input throughout this stage – I'll share my work frequently and refine the designs as much as you need to make sure they're perfect.


Once the designs are ready, I'll code them up into a live, working website. I never outsource this work – it's actually my favourite part!

More importantly, it means we can keep evolving the design as we add your real content and see how it works on all devices.

I’ll create a beautiful, 100% custom-made website that truly reflects your business and resonates with your ideal clients.

Custom sites start at £6k and take around 6-8 weeks from start to launch

We'll agree on an exact price (which will be fixed) and timeline based on your needs during the discovery process.

Step Three

Launch + ongoing support

Popcorn isn't going anywhere. After your awesome new site is launched, I won't just disappear – I like to become long-term creative partners with my clients and keep improving our results together.

I offer two levels of support based on your needs...

Website hosting

From £50 per month

Depending on your requirements, I can host your website on super fast, reliable servers and provide access to a content management system so you can update it whenever you like.

I'll monitor your site to make sure it's always working perfectly, handle technical updates and maintenance, and fix small bugs that might occur.

Monthly updates

From £600 per month

I'll work with you every month to keep improving your website, make it work harder for your business and keep it looking fresh and up to date with your latest work.

I can add new content for you, suggest improvements we could make based on your site analytics, and build new features as your business evolves.

Let's work together

I'm Mike, a designer and developer with over a decade of experience making websites that get results. I’ll personally manage your project and pour all of my knowledge into delivering your most successful portfolio website ever.

Let’s start with a friendly chat – I’d love to learn about your company and see how I can help.

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